Splish Splash

By Imran / March, 31, 2006 / 19 comments

I guess some photographers go through this phase รขย€ย“ when dropping a variety of fruits in water seems like a jolly good idea.

After an hour or so I figured if lady luck is not on my side I can drop this strawberry a gazillion times and still not get the shot that I wanted. So I settled with this one.

Gonna try my luck with oranges tomorrow.

19 Responses to Splish Splash

  • Ashish Sidapara

    Actually i think it came out pretty well, looking forward to the oranges !

  • navin harish

    It is a good shot by my standards. After getting a shot like this, I’d have known that the lady luck is indeed on my side

  • edrizal

    nice capture….

  • sushi

    excelent dude! nothing else i could say.

  • Ray

    Hi Imran. This is really nice work! Mind if I ask how did you set this up? the black background was a black backdrop or being psed? Since you’re using 1/400s and f22 without flash, the area must be pretty bright right? Artificial lighting?

    Hope I’m not asking too much.. thanks!

  • Bey Ariffin

    a keen follower, i dig them and the rest of ur foto collections.

    looking forward to them oranges.

  • Amit

    This is an amazing shot; you managed to capture the splashing water wonderfully well.

  • clarence

    Great shot, but the EXIF data tells me its even a greater shot. No flash, and at f22! amazing!

  • Imran

    Thanks to everyone for their comments. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ray> Heh..The EXIF is deceiving. I used a single studio strobe triggered via a sync cord, which is why it didn’t reflect in the EXIF. The shot’s done in a light tent, with a black background. Since the light shines from the side, the background is pretty much black, so I just need to increase the contrast in PS. Hope that answers your queries. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Noor Hazmee

    Hi Imran, I believe this could be the 1000th shot. Hehe. Even though I’ve seen this shot like a dozen times elsewhere, I think you caught this one unbelievably well. Keep me excited ya. Cheers!

    PS: I still can get my comments box to work… sigh…

  • graze

    ah the water shots. cliche as they may be, these shots are always so fascinating to look at. esp the movement of the water. could do with more splash tho. more flying water. love the movement detail in the glass.

  • Somitra

    Great snap . i have been trying the similar thing with my dscp200 but always get a blurred image . great photo

  • Maran

    Wow. Nice.

  • Peter

    THIS looks too fuckign awesome!!

  • simon

    Crystal clear like.. the golden-love mixture inside me well pleased.

  • L

    Great capture, mate!

  • CheeSiang

    Nice shot! been trying to take such kinds of shots but having little success with the timing, Keep it up!

  • Marc (shotsbyme.com)

    You settled with this one? You settled there with a really good one! Love it on the black background.

  • Lee

    dude! it's a really nice capture! how was it :-s ! I really love this! the dark background, the red color of the fruit and dropping water. How amazing it is!

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