Good Morning Singapore (A Golden Minute)

By Imran / April, 13, 2006 / 79 comments

Big Thanks to everyone who voted for KTM in last week’s photofriday’s challenge – it has garnered a noteworthy mention. Also thank you for your comments in the previous posts, I do appreciate your comments, critiques and support.

Today, this little site of mine is a month old. Although I’ve listed the site as a Singapore-based photoblog, I realised I’ve not done anything this year that typically says Singapore. So here’s one that’s probably shot to death by other photogs and tourists alike. But I just had to do it, so there. πŸ™‚ My only regret is that I forgot to stop down the aperture, while minding the very short window of time I have to shoot this scene.

Citizens from this part of the world will recognise the odd looking statue as the Merlion.

Here’s wishing you a great Easter weekend!

79 Responses to Good Morning Singapore (A Golden Minute)

  • sushi

    woooow! it’s wonderful. from the bright and powerful orange to a cold dark on the top. pretty sharp and what else should i say …

  • GeckoZ

    This shot is cool!!! What time did you took it and why did you go there early in the morning? Impressive! Been to the Merlion park all the time but I haven’t imagine an image of it like how you did your shot! Fantastic!

    Imran, tell me how did you process it. πŸ˜€

    PS: I think you should have dodge slightly on the Merlion, it’s kinda dull and doesn’t attract enough attention.

  • gembase

    Wonderfull shot ! The ambiance of this pic is amazing! It’s really . let’s say “zen”. I wich I could be there.

    By the way, as Geckoz says: tell us your secret πŸ˜‰

  • Michael

    POW! Great shot. Colors and geometry.

  • Nate

    This is one awesome sunrise. You captured every bit of it just right. Very nice.

  • Gary

    gorgeous sunrise

  • Ashish Sidapara

    Superb shot Imran and congrats for the noteworthy mention on photofriday. This is probably the best Merlion i have seen till now !!

  • Gavin

    Absolutely Incredible, the sky is just perfect, with the colours. I wish I could shoot stuff like this.

  • Gary

    It is as if you captured an explosion in the sky. Did you do any HDR?

  • ct

    an excellent shot

  • Frank Fonteijn

    I’m totally stunned by this amazing photo. What detail and contrast, truly amazing!
    Again the channelmixer at work?

  • roger

    Amazing shot. Is this a HDR? It has amazing contrasts and colors

  • Justin Gaynor

    As I’ve come to expect, great clarity and color throughout this image. Nice shot.

  • Ed Rizal

    i was wondering, how cum no people was around? its all clear frm ppl…

  • Noor Hazmee

    Fuhh Im, this is a bloody good one. It was worth the wait eh? Good job!

  • Steve LLamb

    Nice, the colors.. the details… wow. I’m just going to sit here and enjoy without spoiling it.

  • Maran

    I envy the sky you guys having in Singapore! Really good shot this.

  • prasoon

    you may visit me at the hospital – i fainted n lost control whilst typing this after i saw that loveeeely shot…
    for the hospital details, you may obviously get back witha comment πŸ™‚

  • zac

    very nice treatment of a gorgeous scene!

  • mister.doofus

    i really envy you imran. u got mad skills.

  • dodo


  • mikhail

    holy cow! crazy colors! what a catch congrats!

  • Seth

    I love the colors.

  • tuan

    awesome. A wide angle is definitely going to be my next lense purchase.

  • Moodaholic

    Looks like the sky is on fire and the statue is trying to extinguish the fire! Awesome.

  • What The Heck Journal

    It’s amazing how all your photos is that high quality.
    Love the composition on this one.
    Is the sky tone-mapped, or manually processed?
    – Martin

  • MartinM


  • Mind Curry

    amazing stuff imran..i realise i am a child with a toy camera after seeing these pics! :)do you process your own images? do you edit them or are these the original outputs? amazinggg!!

  • Christine

    I visited the merlion in Singapore last year, but at night… but that sunset you captured there is unbelievably beautiful. What a gorgeous shot!

  • Bonav

    Great picture. Very good lightning.

  • peter

    Fantastic light and reflections – wow

  • Rahul

    Congrats on getting the noteworthy for PhotoFriday.. TRULY deserves it

  • ashwin

    superb shot Imran. I am in love with your Sigma lens. πŸ™‚

  • ppsaura

    Felicidades. A mi juicio, la mejor foto πŸ˜‰

  • Neil

    Gorgeous colours

  • Ryan

    Marvelous. I love the light, the subject… it’s quite surreal.

  • Roberto

    You titled this image “good morning”. So it means the it’s sunrise. Absolutely lovable. I like the use of wide-angle lens. I agreed with photofriday community choosing this shot.

  • navin harish

    Congratulations for the Photofriday and my god this is one amaxing shot.

  • Wonho

    Great. so great

  • shaped

    stunning shot. nice sky and nice clouds. love this one.

  • mihai

    What can i say more or diffrent like all the guys above me?Nothing….
    Simply amazing!Like one said i feel like a child with a camera in my hand!
    Thank u for sharing a small part of the things u see

  • mihai

    What can i say more or different from all the guys above me?Nothing….
    Simply amazing!Like one said i feel like a child with a camera in my hand!
    Thank u for sharing a small part of the things u see

  • *mamo

    can´t stop viewing this image! wow!

  • peter

    I love it!

  • mama dinima

    mentari yang berombak…bagai ada yang berkumpul di sebalek awan yang mengulung…
    keindahan yang tak dapat ku papar rasa hati…ia terlukis di mata yang merenunginya

  • thobs

    this one is my favorite πŸ™‚

  • txdave22

    perb photos. I use great pics on my site, altho mine is all abt relieving back, neck and shoulder pain.

    Is it possible some of your pics are available for use on a site like mine?

    Please advise.



  • ijad


  • Pierre

    This is absolutely brilliant!

  • muneera

    i was hafin a chat wit my fren on msn wen ur link suddenly appear in e middle of my chat…i wasnt quite sure whether 2 xplore as i was afraid it mite b virus or sumthg..

    but 2 my surprise..wen i click on ur link….i was n is still is impress wit ur work…nobody
    can take awesome n excellent pictures lyke u do!!


    pursue ur dreams further!!
    goodie luck ya..

  • muneera

    i cant help but 2 kip lookin thru ur pics evrydae…..itz lyke a daily dose 4 me 2 c it…

  • wens

    gud picture i like it…

  • Balaji Dutt

    Beautiful HDR shot

  • simon

    yr shot makes me feel cosy…glorious morning when i really miss to hv it all.

  • ikol22 - Fabrizio

    It’s a while since the first time i saw it. It’s strange but sometime *i need* to come here to take a look to this shot…

  • GR


  • Shu Ee

    I saw ur gr8 work at the volunteering organisation i am volunteering at!!! I like it immediately i saw it!!! =)

  • Shu Ee

    I saw ur gr8 work at the volunteering organisation i am volunteering at!!! I like it immediately i saw it!!! =)

  • Chuan

    Very nice colour and it really catch my attention… you are a photoshop Pro…

  • Chuan

    Really really nice, I keep coming back to look at the picture…

  • ezuddin

    Stunning Images

  • Zadm

    oh my, lovely colours, very crisp shot

  • Willy Foo

    Hi Imran,

    I’m one of the judges which unanimously gave this photo full marks and thus made this shot the winner for the NUS Montage photo competition. Great shot.. great effort!

  • Matthijs

    wow…… nothing more to add.. just wow…….

  • Keropok Man

    wow. i have never seen such a more beautiful picture of the merlion than this! guess i never woke up early enough πŸ™‚

  • marjan

    starting from this photo I’m your fan. Two words about this photo “kencang sey!!!!!”

  • ibrahim ali

    Gambar yang sangat cantik.Ia nampak bersih dan berkualiti.

  • Very nice, can you tell me which programmes are used for editing.

  • Sunny

    omg…that’s just perfect!!!

  • Claus Petersen

    Fantastic light, and if it is HDR it’s done fantasticly!

  • Herbert

    Very nice!! Like the colours tremendously.

  • Pep i Nuria

    I love the colors. Great photo

  • Julia

    It's awesome πŸ™‚ Wish to develop a mini community project with you, May you please email me your personal contact to discuss further, if possible. Thanks

  • Giba.JR

    Amazing! Nice shot! Your colors are perfect!

  • Photographers Singapore

    Awesome…i am speachless!

  • fabrizio

    very excellent work!

  • fab

    Excellent shot! Lovely lighting!

  • Anthony

    Wow awesome shot.

  • aha

    amazing!…lovely your color.

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