Life is Pretty Good

By Imran / June, 25, 2006 / 67 comments

Yesterday I had a great day out with The Girlfriend at East Coast Park. We spotted this old timer who looks like he’s having a jolly good time under the sun too.

I’m quite pleased with the quality of the light that day; hence this is one of the few shots in this site which is not radically processed.

Technically, this is the first post shot with my spanking new 70-200L f/4. Ever since I’ve migrated to Canon, I was convinced that my shooting style do not warrant a tele of that range. Instead I simply rented or borrowed one whenever the need arises. Alas the shopping itch finally got to me, so I took the plunge and bought it.

67 Responses to Life is Pretty Good

  • Ashish Sidapara

    Superb capture Imran, the lighting was great it seems. And congrats for the new lens, looking forward to more shots.

  • Otto K.

    Lovely shot. The composition and colors are wonderful. Definitely congrats on that lens…I love mine.

  • Steve

    Great detail with nicely saturated colours. Good buy, hope to see more (I hope the chair is stong).

  • Heath

    Nice capture. The colour saturation is spot on.

  • Ameen

    Great Composition, great colors, great shot by all meaning. nice one

  • t

    haha great shot. i like the way you’ve framed it and captured the moment.

  • the girlfriend

    Heh … can’t wait to see how he turned out on the holga.

  • Nice shot.

    Lovely capture of the lazing man. The lighting is cool and the blue color adds a lot to the pic.

  • Vidya

    great shot !!

  • David

    Great shot !!! Composition and color, everything is perfect !!

  • Maran

    Nice DoF…the color of the sea is very relaxing.

  • Noor Hazmee

    I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you know what i want….damn you imran….

  • smellybeans

    wow i’m impressed!
    nice shot!

  • chiara

    Love the composition and the use of DOF. Excellent shot!

  • barb

    oooh. blow me away! i never thought i would need a tele too, but i love them!

  • daniel

    Heh! looks like the perfect day!!

  • Joe NM

    Comical Shot. Nice indeed.

  • Aligator86

    I’m impressed.. gear shot.. keep on going i enjoy visiting ure blog!!

  • peter

    That dude is definitely chilling out – great shot.

  • Wonderful shot!

  • .:CushmoK:.

    beautiful work on the color : brilliant and hot.

  • Somitra

    Amazing Capture, Logging a comment after so many days

  • 010design-photoblog

    Great Capture Imran! The canon 70-200 is fantastic!

  • Craig Wilson

    Great colours in this shot – looks like the guy is living a good life!

  • JuliÃ¥n

    And after we insinuate that French are some big pretending people!

  • Kiliii Yu

    Imran, I am a fan of this shot. Here’s a thought though– The bright yellow of the line in the fishing reel distracts my eye from being able to fix on a single focal point, which is, I imagine, all the hairy detail of the man or perhaps the bottle at his side. Then again, perhaps as a fisherman, my eye is trained to notice such things… Nice work on this site though. What do you do for a living?

  • moodaholic

    Good shot and nap!

  • Justin Gaynor

    Great color and composition, fantastic shot as always!

  • martin

    haha great shot. would be a nice one for my compu-desktop 🙂
    btw. 70-200/4l will be my next lens. anyway its the only L thats affordable..

  • ROB

    Just made this my image of the day. Classic shot!

  • shaped

    nice shot. he really seems to enjoy the sun.

  • Renato

    Beautiful shots and colours!

  • Brandon Crain

    Ha, that’s awesome, how cool would it have been if his pole was bending over from a huge fish?!! Great color too.

  • david kleinert

    impressive colours captured

  • GeckoZ

    Very nice dept of field and great vibrant colours!!!!!

  • saija

    Great composition. This is kind of a hilarious pic.

  • Ayash Basu

    Awesome depth of field and color saturation. Great work.

  • Marius Muscalu

    great feeling from this photo…very relaxing…

  • GeckoZ

    Hey Imran, I saw your Merlion shot exhibiting at Woodlands library!!! =D

  • John

    Awsome colors. And very relaxing.

  • Leviatan

    Fantastic capture. I want make one like this. Congratulations !

  • ToughSpoon

    like ur Perspective
    did u try to sit there?

  • izzy

    great shot! nice capture!

  • david

    looks like he’s having a pretty good day to me; wouldn’t mind some of that right now!

  • manuel

    very nice captured.. powerful colours

  • clarence

    Fantastic colors, great lighting!

  • Marius Martinaitis

    Great shot. The only thing distracts my attention is uneven horizon. Leaning to the left.

  • Fantastic shot bradder! Did you submit this for the ‘Life Is Great’ competition?

  • 2chemp

    Fantastic shot bradder! 1

  • spencer

    this is great !!!! composition, colors, your work is strong !

  • Kris

    Oh man, this is really good stuff!

  • Kyle

    Beautiful , Everything in this picture is great , the rocks , the man , the colors , the fising pole , everything.

  • Joanna Esch

    Simply georgeous!

  • tetsu

    Peaceful moment! He is confortable and fishes has no anxiety to be caught. -)

  • photoblog-community

    funny photo. nice colours and dof.

  • Jhony

    Real life photo. perfect perspctive, great colours,…

  • Moncef

    I really like the situation captured, so easy to imagine myself in that chair… and beyond the material and the technical aspects that’s also what photography is all about. Bravo!!!

  • Rudy?

    Great photo ni imran… nice composition

  • Ed Little, Jr.

    Thanks for making me ‘smile’…

  • simon

    Calm n peaceful relaxation,the shot of courage to balance any weight of life.

  • simon

    Calm n peaceful relaxation,the shot of courage to balance any weight of life.

  • Darmansyah B.Abu Hanifah

    nice capture n editing bro.

  • Feb Sumandar

    nice shot my friend….. love the composition and colour tone….

  • Konstantinos Roumeliotis

    Life is always pretty good, especially if you have a positive attitude (and a slight tendency to take superb pictures…)

  • Essam Al Hedek

    Very nice shot .

  • geli k.

    cooles bild! nice pic. 🙂

  • Philipp


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