Symmetry #2

By Imran / August, 29, 2006 / 25 comments

Thanks for your comments in the previous posts.

I’ve not been shooting much because it’s been topsy turvy of late. Also, I’ve just returned from National Service (it’s a Singaporean kinda thing), so apologies for the unreplied emails and messages.

This was shot with a Lee ND grad filter which I bought recently to replace my troublesome Cokin set. It’s a little pricey, but there are times when I don’t want to muck around with HDR, exposure blending and whatnots therefore a top notch grad filter comes in handy.

25 Responses to Symmetry #2

  • david

    and what a beautiful end product – i’d far rather this than the sometime OTT results you get from HDR.

  • graze

    Doesn’t look like Singapore

  • 010design-photoblog

    Very nice perspective, serene atmosphere and a great lights. I really like this one!

  • srinivas

    This is my first visit here.. All the shots were excellent. you have a very good sense of bring out colors to life in your pictures. keep up the good work.

  • Steve W

    Nice shot. It actually looks a bit like northern Ontario. Funny you mention Lee ND grads, I was looking into purchasing a set today but $$$$$$.

  • TS

    Great shot!I love the photo frame

  • Brian

    Awesome image.

  • mihai

    beautiful landscape…great mood sent out from this photo

  • Tuan

    love your philosophy on getting the shot right in camera first. Theres a definite trend for photoshop over photographic technique, very dissapointing really.

  • Marius Muscalu

    fantastic…i told you many times, i don’t know how you do the post procesing…

  • Mal

    Love the portrait aproach to this shot with loads of foreground intrest

  • bluebellknoll

    Beautiful picture, great colors.

  • hugher

    I loved the coloring and texture of the rocks contrasted to the serenity of the water

  • Dennis Rogers

    I really love this kind of shot. You captured a great moment in light.

  • simon

    Rock of hopes..just like heaven day-in day-out..promising shots.

  • manju

    Lovely landscape. Nice colors!

  • Renato

    This is a very nice capture. The mood and the general composition is really very nice. Thanks for sharing.

  • Santhosh

    Great colors.

  • .:CushmoK:.

    The detail of the rocks in the foreground is astonishing. What also surprises is the absence of dominant orange setting sun. That makes the difference for me!

  • Rich

    WOW! How are you doing this… amazing! The tones contrast and colour are just so nice to look at.

  • charles

    wonderfully dome.

  • Victor

    I like it! Thanx!!

  • Yahya

    You are my idol! But I have a long long way to go…

  • rohan

    Fantastic shot. Wonderful exposure of the rocks.

  • afdal

    this one looks nice too! detailed! hehehe:)

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