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Over the weekend Hazmee, CGM and I made our way to Punggol Beach to shoot the sunset. Here’s one of them basking in the sun (and striking a pose possibly), while waiting for the magic hour.

Good times.

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  • jcyrhs

    The treatment is great and he looks…really cool in this shot.

    I thought the cutting off of the tripod legs feels alittle uncomfortable. Maybe it’s just me but i would love to include the tripod legs just a wee bit more. =)

  • Angie

    Nice “gritty” shot. Love the tonal colors and texture of the rocks. Looks like you guys make the most of waiting around! Good job.

  • Phil

    Nothing like kicking back and waiting for the perfect shot. I really like the feel of the processing, but I feel it doesn’t quite fit with the description of basking in the sun, it looks a little cold.

  • Jason Dunsmore

    Really nice photo.

  • simon

    Unbelievable Punggol beach provides such endless warmth,the weather colors well to suit with the background,idealistic shots.

  • manju

    Neat ! The color tone is great !

  • Somitra

    is that you , the composition looks great , by coincidnece , i have a post by the same name , which posted a month back serenity

  • Noor Hazmee

    Hey bro! I love the treatment for this shot. I think we more like baked under the sun. basking seems like an understatement. Haha. Looking forward for the rest of the magical hour shots and of course another round of landscaping. Cheers!
    PS: What happened to CGM’s site btw? Cant seem to access it.

  • Maran

    Not sure about the title compare to the busy background. Well… serene as you can get in Singapore. πŸ™‚

  • srinivas

    Picture portarying a drama here. nice i can imagine the long wait u guys had, although waiting when fellow photographers are around is not bad as waiting alone. its always good to have friends accompanying when shooting some event.

  • Roger

    This is awesome! Well done.

  • Vidya

    Great Snap !

  • imran aka axisofjustice

    i like your post processing. cool bro!

  • ulli

    sitting and waiting πŸ™‚ nice

  • rvds

    Cool shot, the background looks awesome !

  • Craig Wilson

    Love the gritty feel to this, excellent detail.

  • Ash

    that is a great shot! love the toning….just a great photo!

  • Kavid

    The tone. Full with your style. No doubt about it. Waiting for more of your magical hour shots. Too bad, I’m staying a little far from you. Or else I would love to join you and others for photo session like this.

  • dome

    hensem model πŸ™‚

  • Rich

    The tones and contrast in this image are bang on!
    Composition is very nice. A winner here!

  • NoWords

    fantastic processing here! (he doesn’t look happy, though…)

  • Joe NM

    Bro, your picture never fails to impress. Would like to follow you for the next outing. Cheers.

  • Siti

    Really like the car…how much do you bought? πŸ™‚

  • yuddin

    wow…..nice,…smart you tone ma,……i veeeerrrrryyy like,…

  • yuddin

    wow…..nice,…smart you tone ma,……i veeeerrrrryyy like,…

  • Thomas Solberg / Project neXus

    Looks like he’s really thinking things through. Wonderful capture.

  • TS

    cool shot.he looks like a tough guy!!

  • peter

    I really like the way you have toned this one. And don’t we know this situation – the wait for perfect light πŸ™‚

  • Ashish Sidapara

    Lovely shot! What happened to Sham’s site?

  • John Zeweniuk

    love those rocks… great form

  • Suby

    Okay bro I have to ask you, how do you achieve the PPing on most of your images? I stand stomped here so please share πŸ™‚


  • itzhar

    imran the tone and gritty effect to your iamges is just amazing, care to share your secret?

  • pak mat


  • Justin Gaynor

    Awesome shot Imran, what an amazing place to shoot photos.

  • Mostafa


    did you recieved my email?
    I think you didn’t, because I didn’t recieve any reply!
    I’m still waiting for your reply

    be happy

  • Imran Salahuddin

    Very Nice Photo indeed

  • Ryo

    ?????????? Pak Imran….bagus……bagus…..

  • Fabio Cabula

    Task to have seen all the photos of the archives. Some are of highest level. I can ask from how much time you make the photographer to you? Hour I enroll yours feed.

  • moodaholic

    Good work on the colors.

  • micki

    Nice capture!! Sounds like a great time you spent with your friends. How was the sunset?

  • Ian

    Always enjoy watching photographers at work.. Nice shot.

  • navin harish

    Nice shot. Came to your site after a very long and what do I see, a btilliant picture like this.

  • Rajesh


  • .:CushmoK:.

    i love the color tone and contrast.

  • Ruzaini

    love the colours, the mood of the pics..Really nicely done..

  • fabrizio

    your frend will be happy a great portrait

  • Tin

    it’s been awhile since u’ve updated your photoblog. hope you’re okay.

  • Gabe McIntosh

    I love the color and tone, with the industrial skyline in the background.

  • Rita

    COOL one…
    i wish to be ur model one day.. hehe.. kidding..
    well.. to be frank, i would love to join u for outings.. please e-mail me if u dont mind taking me along..

  • yuyud

    color tone and contrast…

    i like it

  • Daniel

    Are you still alive?
    your public awaits!

  • mat

    nice shot!

  • tin

    the guy in the photo must be really famous by now…


    God, i love the exposure.

  • Ciro

    good shoot, very cool

  • Roger

    Very nice shot.

  • mykodachrome

    Amazing shot – great site! I will be back often.

  • obiad

    hujnia chΕ‚opie

  • syahrin aziz

    hi imran, just wondering where hqave u been?

  • Sarthak

    Hi Imran, Lovely shot, the toning is great. I throughly enjoyed your blog. Thanx

  • Shazeen Samad

    Wonderful shot man,,, love the tone…

    You must be in Malaysia? I will be there in few days πŸ™‚

  • PPL

    Fantastic photo !!!!

  • AR

    You’ve got such a great blog, why aren’t you filling us in on what’s going on??

  • Abhijit Dharmadhikari

    This is a wonderful image. I liked the color tone very much!

  • Firdauz Abdullah


  • Color-Skopar

    Excellent, very good shot. I like it.

  • Marius M

    What has happened to your updates? Dont you think its time to continue your great work? πŸ˜‰ Regards from Eastern Europe.

  • Andrew


  • Victor

    Great! I’m also hope that will be more updates.

  • kurt

    great post processing – i really love the colors and the composition

  • Kip

    Missing the blog updates terribly.

  • Kiliii Yu


    I came across a comment you left at my site some time ago, and I thought I would drop you a line and remind you that we all have the power to move our lives in the direction we want, as long as we don’t worry too much about the form it takes. Here’s hoping that you’re doing well and healthy and happy and in pursuit of your inner joy. Happy new Year.

  • Djiwom

    Hi there!
    First time I visit your photoblog, and I must say it is the best I’ve seen in a long time… Honestly. Keep up the good work!

  • archiprez

    superb collection bro

  • Aero

    Just browsed through your archive and I must say your pictures are absolutely stunning!
    Keep up the good work!

  • Juan

    I want to contact with you , I dont find your email

  • Amanda

    Awsome!! that’s cool! I like the color tones..

  • syahid ali

    lovely shots! salute!

  • A.R.

    Updates? Who’s paying for the hosting? What’s going on? Such a mystery!

  • Matt

    that is some crazy resolution on this PIC! I cant even believe its Singapore for that matter…I was totally blown away by the colour and detail…

    hey dude how do I get in contact with you? I would like to forward some projects and other work to you…pls send me an e-mail if you would like to work with us….

  • john

    great work!

  • shahran ali

    hello bro.
    asal tak post lagi? i’m looking fwd to your next post.



  • Donna

    I can’t find the right words to say about your photos. How I wish you would take pictures of me too. I love everything I see.

  • Caleb

    hey, bro. Been a very long while since you posted. Is everything alright?

  • joshua

    amazing photo – tones and composition are outstanding!

  • marco's light opinion

    Very striking pose, man.
    Great mood, wonderful light.

  • KMF

    wow fantastic

  • Lovely and cool. Makes you wanna go out and take pics. Great site and pics, btw.

  • alice79

    Really nice.:)

  • wan saupi wan ishak

    that is stunning…. me… ur work is briliaant…

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