Pay Per View

By Imran / April, 25, 2007 / 20 comments

Thank you for your comments and warm welcome in the previous post. šŸ™‚

These hilltop binoculars are found scattered around Mount Faber. Its view is not exceptionally spectacular but Iā€™m sure it’ll provide some amusement to kids and bored tourists alike.

I wanted to frame one with the city in the background but strangely enough none of the binoculars faces the city. Nevertheless I do love its steampunkish design and took some shots of it anyway, much to the amusement of the bored tourists nearby.

20 Responses to Pay Per View

  • taufiq Shariff

    cool shot!

    welcome back!!! it has been a while since your last post.

  • jcyrhs

    Great processing and a beautiful golden tone. Neatly composed with a nice crop. Welcome back!

  • Joe NM

    Nice colour processing. Very lively. Great work Imran.

  • Jordan

    I’ve been looking forward to seeing more posts from you. Very nicely done!

  • Claude

    Great colour processing and nice angle of view. Well done Imran!

  • chum

    stunning, once again.

  • txirloro

    Wonderful photo friend, I like the general tone of the same one. Greetings:

  • Naimi

    Very nice job. i love your pictures, nice colors.

  • Jesus

    Love the colours ans tones. Great compo too.

  • .:CushmoK:.

    Hey ! I do not know you were coming back !
    I see you now šŸ˜‰

  • kurt

    very beautiful light and tones. fantastic image.

  • Maran

    Hey thanks for the comment and welcome back. Very dramatic lighting in this shot. Appropriate title! šŸ™‚

  • T.S

    I like the tone and the material feeling!Nice shot Imran!

  • peter

    The warm tones in this look great. Perfect title, too.

  • sari

    Warm tones, but very cool image!

  • alexandru savu

    Good shot. Nice details.

  • Balaji

    Beautiful tones and light.

  • olivier

    I am filled with admiration for your photos it is a big pleasure to cross(to go through) your site!



  • zohre

    very beatiful light and tones.good job.i like your photos šŸ™‚

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