Still Alive

By Imran / February, 16, 2010 / 16 comments

My photoblog went offline last February. It was then hosted on a friend of a friend’s server. For reasons only known to him, he went MIA and we couldn’t get hold of him through the usual channels. Curiously, the site came back online last September but only for a few days. By then I was at wit’s end and the thought of starting all over again was too daunting to even think about. A few days ago, out on a whim I emailed him. Surprisingly, he replied and after a few exchanges he brought the site back up again. I managed to retrieved the essential files and migrated to a reputable datacenter in the States where it is now hosted.

Thanks to the many who asked. Sadly, I don’t have much to post even after the long hiatus. I do have plenty of commissioned works but I’m hesitant to put them up because it just doesn’t fit the personal nature of this blog. That said, I’m just glad that it’s back online again for good, so I will try my darnest to post regularly.

Also, you may find me on Facebook as I’ve started to use it more often now (Yes, I’m rather slow in these whole social network thingy). I’ve uploaded a selection of the blog’s photos in an album as I think it’s great platform to share information. Tutorials are something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time, so if you got something to ask.. e.g how an effect was achieved, where was a photo shot, equipment used, etc.. just fire away over there. Most of the techniques are outdated by today’s standards I guess, but it could a be great starting point if you are new.

Hazmee helped out in this fun shot. We had to rush because we were more keen to capture the magic hour scene that was fast approaching than me scrawling words in the air with a torchlight.

Have a great year ahead.

16 Responses to Still Alive

  • syarfique

    welcome back bro… keep posting!

  • Tero

    Glad to see you still posting!

  • faisal

    glad youre still alive! I look forward to more of your latest shots.

  • jcyrhs

    welcome back! your absence was much felt! hahaha still alive…AND KICKING!

  • anisism

    very very very glad to have u back!

  • eimbrunt

    thanks god you still alive.. lol! looking forward your superb shoot!

  • dome

    welcome home imran,theheheh



    Glad that you are back online! Easier to refer your works for recommendations!

    Looking forward to see your photos.

  • navin harish

    Nice to know 🙂

  • Russ

    This is really an awesome shot. Light photography is very cool.

  • Kevin P.

    Great light painting, superb realization !

  • Piotr G.

    Its cool to see your blog is alive and to know you keep OK.

  • Jimmy Papia

    I like this blog, inspiratif for me 🙂

  • chiara

    sooo glad your are back. your photos are an inspiration.

  • Sarah J. Agatha

    Welcome back, i love your photos (y)

  • Gary

    I love seeing photos with light painting. One day I will get off my butt and actually give it a shot.

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