Fade to Blue #2

By Imran / April, 25, 2011 / 11 comments

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  • taqiyuddin

    Hi Imran. I love this photo. It must’ve been really hard to find the right time and day when the sea is so calm it looks like the surface of a mirror. Great work!

    • Imran

      The shutter was opened for quite a bit, thus smoothing the water’s surface. But yeah, the calm sea helps.

  • Kevin

    Beautiful. Lovely tones.

  • moodaholic

    The righthand side staircase and landscape does work quite well together. You got a great eye. Great light and colors also!

  • woody914

    Beautiful seascape. Is this also in SG? I love your seascapes, and the blog is also beautifully designed.

    • Imran

      Hi, thanks. This is at Perhentian, Malaysia.

  • navin harish

    Nice shot. Have come here after a while. Love your new layout.

  • Steve

    Beautiful, beautiful photography. Light capture is fantastic. I am a Cumbria Wedding Photographer in Kendal UK and do not get the chance to visit these kind of places anymore so seeing your images is very invigorating.

  • Fotograf Ślubny Śląsk

    WOW.! Beautiful!

  • James

    Beautiful Shot!

  • jasmine

    Wow. That is an amazing shot! Do you remember how long the exposure was for?

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