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This Photoblog of Sorts

When my long-suffering hard disk crashed in 2005, I lost years of work. 5 years worth of pictures I’ll never recover vanished in a blink of an eye. With the lesson learnt, I’ve decided I should store my photos, or at least the JPEGs elsewhere for posterity. Besides, it was something I’ve been meaning to do for the longest time. So in 2006 Fotograf by Imran came to fruition, a collection of my personal photos, thoughts, observations and experimental works. Over the years and to my pleasant surprise it has gained small following, garnering mentions and awards along the way.

From 2009-2010 there were long periods of inactivity, due to technical mishaps and reasons already mentioned in this post. In 2011, I’ve decided to expand the site’s content. I’ll be adding more travel photos, tutorials and other photography-related content. After 5 years and a much needed facelift, in April 2011 Fotograf by Imran was revamped.

Awards and Mentions

About Me

I live and work in Singapore, a tropical island located on the southern tip of Malaysia. I’m a Cinematographer and the Director of Photography at Pixelwave Motion Pictures Private Limited.

Photographer for hire

I’m available for hire. I specialize in city/landscapes, events and weddings. Additionally, I’m one of the few photographers in Singapore to offer large format photography services.


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