Ritual #2

Posted By Imran / July, 15, 2011 / 15 comments

The first time I came across this rather peculiar ritual was back in 2007 at Changi Beach. It’s only recently that I’ve learned from a dear Hindu of mine whose dad had passed away the true meaning of these rites. Apparently, this was part of a funeral service. The cremated remains of a family member…

Fade to Blue #2

Posted By Imran / April, 25, 2011 / 11 comments

Fade to Blue #1

Posted By Imran / April, 13, 2011 / 11 comments

It took 14 hours by train, an hour on the road and another 45 minutes by boat to reach here. I thoroughly enjoyed the latter two. The train ride? Not so much. It was loud and mind-numbingly boring. For someone who loves train photography, I’m decidedly not a train person. 14 excruciatingly long hours is…

Cold Morning at the Roundabout

Posted By Imran / February, 25, 2010 / 44 comments

Water flows from a canal into the awaiting sea, carving a stream only visible at low tide. This is Changi Beach.

Still Alive

Posted By Imran / February, 16, 2010 / 16 comments

My photoblog went offline last February. It was then hosted on a friend of a friend’s server. For reasons only known to him, he went MIA and we couldn’t get hold of him through the usual channels. Curiously, the site came back online last September but only for a few days. By then I was…