Work It

Posted By Imran / April, 3, 2006 / 3 comments

I was so tied up over the weekend to continue the fruit dropping shots, and the weather’s crappy these days to do any decent landscapes. Oh yeah.. about the photo; Stanley Color Centre organised their annual epic scale outdoor model shoot for its supporters, ex-students and customers last Saturday,. The shoot lasted 6 hours, but…

End of the Line

Posted By Imran / March, 28, 2006 / 6 comments

  This is the final shot for the train series. It started with a black and white image, and I thought it’s only fitting that it ends with one.

Choo Choo

Posted By Imran / March, 19, 2006 / 11 comments

Ok I know they don’t go choo choo, but that’s what came across my mind when I first saw this. I love trains, they make such interesting subjects.

Painted Face

Posted By Imran / March, 15, 2006 / 4 comments

The multi-talented Magnus. He emcees, mimes, sculpt balloons and provides all round entertainment to kids and unsuspecting adults. Technically I’m not too happy about the highlights on his nose. The new strobe needs some getting used to.