Copyright, Licensing and Prints

Except for the downloadable wallpapers, the images found on this website are not watermarked. Because like most people, I like to view clean images. It has its downside of course; I’ve seen my works used without permission and some even passed off as others. This is the internet after all. As a working photographer, I can only hope that you do the right thing.

You may use the images on this website freely for non-commercial or comping purposes, my only request is that you credit the image accordingly – to me or a link to this website.

You may not use the images on this website for commercial purposes without permission. To do so, you will need to acquire an image license.

Copyright Info

All content and images on this website are copyright Imran Saleh ©2006-2011.


Selected images are available for licensing. Pricing varies according to usage and exposure. Do contact me for more information.


Selected images are available as fine art prints. Pricing varies according to size and materials used. Do contact me for more information.